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Name:Jeff Steinmetz
Location:somewhere in,MI
Type of marker used:IMPULSE
Type of play prefered, (tournament play, rec play, scenario, etc.)anything and everything
Teams played for (if on a team)Team Hero
How many years of playing:1
A few things about yourself:i play paintball
A pic of yourself and/or your marker:

Ideas on:
EDHS Paintball Club:i dont go to ed.
Cheater Boards:no thats not fair.
NXL Allowing Full Auto:no, they could wipe out the whole team,and its all ready intimadating with 20+bps being thrown around.
Dynasty:great team wish i could meet them
Infamous:chris lasoya rocks.
Team Hero:this team sucks.......wait im on this team.
  • Current Music
    Thrice-artist in the ambulance